VoterMon Demo

Live VOTER System Monitor

Listening to the input of the Madera County Sheriff's repeater on 156.240
(these sites cover only a selected area of Madera County)

Please press the CONNECT button to open a connection to the streaming server
When your first connect, the screen under the CONNECT and DISCONNECT
buttons will remain blank until there is radio channel activity.

MAD1@ is at QTH of WB6NIL in Coarsegold, CA
MAD2 is at QTH of K6RPH in Ahwahnee, CA
MAD3 is at QTH of WY6L in Coarsegold, CA
MAD4 is at QTH of KF6ZXO in Madera Ranchos, CA
MAD5 is at QTH of KJ6BJH in Madera, CA
MAD6 is not yet deployed (and may never be)

The MAD1@ site has the "@" designtion to indicate that
it is the master timing source and is located physically at
the same location as the Asterisk system running chan_voter.